Questions to Ask on a Site Visit

Planning a wedding? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Site visits are such an important part of the wedding planning process to help you determine which space is the best fit for you. We mean this quite literally; a place that can fit your guest count, accommodate the flow you had in mind, and has the inventory to bring it all together (queue questions about rentals). A site visit, wether in person or virtual is one of the first steps towards booking your dream venue. In this post, we outline the most important questions to ask during your venue tour.

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First of all . . Congrats on getting engaged! Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning your wedding! You might be asking yourself . . “Where do I even start?” First and foremost, develop your guest count. You’ll want an accurate estimate to narrow down your venue search. Create a list of venues that pique your interest. Once you’ve refined your list of venues to the spaces you really love, schedule appointments with venue managers to conduct a site visit. You’ll want to visit these venues in person to determine which venue is the perfect match for you.

Wedding venue at a lake with flowers, white chairs, and grand columns.

Some questions you’re going to want to ask are…

♡ What is the standing and seating capacity?

Ask this question so you’re aware of how many people can fit in the space and how many people can be seated at a table. Knowing the capacity limits is key to planning the perfect wedding.

♡ What is the fee structure?

You’ll want to know if this venue is pricing themselves seasonally, with a buyout, or with a food and beverage minimum spend. Venue’s price themselves in a lot of different ways. Some venues may price themselves at a lower rate on weekdays than on weekends. Many venues tack on ancillary fees such as such as, admin fees, service charges, and if their food and beverage in-house, then sales tax would likely apply as well. It is always important to ask them for their pricing “all in.”

♡ Ask them to walk you through the flow

Ask to walk the space from the guest’s perspective. Walk through the entire venue from the moment they arrive all the way through to the time they leave. This includes walking through the prelude to the ceremony, the actual ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception where dinner and dancing might take place.

♡ What kinds of items are already included in-house? 

Inquire about a list of the venue’s in-house inventory. On this list some of the most essential items to look for are: ballroom chairs, tables, linens, china, crystal, and silverware. Also ask about any kind of additional decor items that the venue may have from previous events that you might be able to use. Take photos of these items to start building out what your design will look like. This will also help you figure out if you need to bring in rentals which could increase your budget.

♡ Are there any exclusive vendors that I would be required to work with if I decide to book this venue? 

Some venues require you to work with specific companies or vendors so it’s very important to ask this question! This might include an audio/visual provider, a rental provider, or even valet that’s exclusive to the venue. 

Wedding venue that is inside with wooden chairs, plants, hanging lights, and drapery.

Knowing this crucial information will help you decide which venue is the right one for you. Don’t rush this process! Visit as many venues as you want or need until you find the perfect one 🎉

Good Luck ♡

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