Vintage 70’s Themed Wedding

You asked…We listened! Here are some retro and vintage 70’s themed wedding ideas that will make your wedding unique, fun, interactive, and groovy to dance the night away with your guests under a disco ball.

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How to Create Your Own Vintage 70’s Themed Wedding

Every few years it seems that old trends make their way back into the spotlight, highlighting themselves in various areas of the modern world such as fashion, interior design, and most importantly weddings. If you are a fan of everything and anything that is retro, groovy, and vintage inspired then planning a 70’s themed wedding is right up your alley. The 70’s was a time that focused on the seamless merge between nature, peace, and people. By using the 70’s as your wedding theme it allows for these important aspects to shine through. It will make your wedding even more meaningful because a wedding is a time when everyone you know, and love comes together in one place to celebrate.

Volkswagen van decorated in wedding decorations on the street

Groovy Wedding Decorations

There are a million roads you could down in terms of wedding decor, but some of my favorite ideas are incorporating the iconic symbols that represent the 70’s and what it stood for. Some of the biggest iconic symbols that represent the 70’s are Volkswagen vans, records, flower crowns, disco balls, music, the famous groovy flower pattern, and of course peace signs. What comes to your mind when you think of the 70’s?

Woman in sparkly dress leaning on a disco ball

Amazing ways you could mix the past with the present in your wedding decor could be utilized by converting a Volkswagen van into a bar or photo booth. As seen above in one of the photos, the Volkswagen van is the perfect decor and presents itself as an awesome photo opt! It is something so unique that will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Other iconic symbols such as disco balls could be spread out all over your wedding and afterparty. You could pair small disco balls with flowers to create a classy and groovy centerpiece for your dining tables. Make sure to have a giant disco ball on the dance floor for obvious reasons. Bonus points if you’re hiring an audiovisual technician, ask them to shine a light onto the disco ball to get your guests up and dancing!

Peace signs and records could also be placed all around your wedding and afterparty. You could use old records as seating cards or create the perfect photo opt with a backdrop covered in records. Peace signs could be used to decorate seating cards, welcome signs, wedding programs, dinner menus, and paperie.

Having a retro themed photo booth or a Polaroid camera station is a great and interactive activity for your guests. What’s more 70’s and vintage than taking a Polaroid? If you want to take your wedding to the next level, look into photographers who are well versed with film photography so it will give your photographs that vintage look. There’s also just something nice about having film photos instead of digital photos…don’t you agree?

The 70’s focused on orange, yellow, cream, blue, and brown color schemes. These colors could be used throughout your wedding in the flower arrangements, table linens and napkins, welcome book, wedding programs, personal flowers, ceremony arch, and much more.

Hiring a rental company that specializes in vintage furniture is a great way to tie the whole wedding together. You could rent vintage rugs, chairs, couches, pillows, and even a Volkswagen van from these companies. It would enhance the environment to really give it that vintage touch and feel.

Most importantly make sure to create an amazing playlist that includes all the best singers and bands of the 70’s so that everyone can dance the night away on the disco floor. Artists or bands could (and should!) include The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Vintage Wedding Dress

Another way you could incorporate the 70’s into your wedding is by wearing a vintage wedding dress or a vintage inspired wedding dress. Wearing an actual vintage wedding dress or inspired wedding dress will create an instant timeless look and cohesive design. Vintage wedding dresses could be found all over the internet such as eBay or Etsy. Vintage inspired wedding dresses could be found at some of your favorite wedding gown companies like Bella Bridesmaids, BHLDN, and Maison Sully.

The bridesmaids could be styled in vintage dresses or accessorized with flower crowns or bouquets that emulate the 70’s color scheme. Selecting vintage jewelry like a vintage wedding ring or vintage statement jewelry is always something to think about if you really want to tie the whole thing together…

Vintage wedding dress laid out next to a flower crown, cake, wedding invitation, and candles.

Retro Food & Drink Ideas

The perfect 70’s themed wedding cake is simple yet emphasizes nature or flowers such as the cake below. The wedding menu as well as any food and drink signage could also represent the 70’s with playful food puns that highlight iconic 70’s celebrities such as The Beatles or Elton John.

Some of my personal favorites are “I want to hold your ham,” “Lucy in the sky with donuts,” “You say good pie, I say jello,” or “Don’t go bacon my heart. I couldn’t if I fried.” If this isn’t up your ally for the dinner menu, you could also use this just for the bar or dessert menu as there is much more room to be fun and playful.

Retro and vintage styled wedding cake decorated in brown and red flowers sitting on top of a rustic wood platter.

Once again, there are plenty of paths to go down when planning a 70’s themed wedding! Hopefully these ideas, tips, and tricks point you in the right direction and spark your imagination with other ideas. Whatever it may be, having a vintage 70’s themed wedding will for sure leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime!

Bride and groom kissing in front of a vintage and retro cars like a Volkswagen van and Buggy car.

Stay groovy! ✌️

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