All the Best Moments is Officially Offering Wedding and Event Planning!

Almost a year ago, I launched All the Best Moments as an Event Planning and Lifestyle blog to share insight and tips from my dynamic experience in the luxury event market. Since then, I’ve received quite a few inquiries about “if” and “when” All the Best Moments would transition into an event planning company, and IT’S FINALLY HERE! I am thrilled to announce that ATBM is officially offering planning and consulting services for weddings, events, and experiential activations called MOMENTS. If you’ve been following the journey since the start, I want to sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement, and give you an inside look into how you helped ATBM expand into the services it’s offering today.

Behind the Scenes of All the Best Moments

When I launched All the Best Moments, COVID-19 was at it’s peak and the events industry was far from busy. My goal was simple; help a wider audience create highly personalized events, and memories that would last a lifetime.

As time went on, ATBM’s presence flourished on social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok (who would’ve thought?!). Simultaneously, the ATBM email list – where I share exclusive tips, downloadable freebies and resources – started to grow much more quickly than I anticipated. If you’re not on that list yet, you can subscribe here!

Meanwhile, folks started to ask “if” and “when” All the Best Moments would offer planning services. Many were wedding inquiries, large scale events, and even small, intimate celebrations, all wanting assistance with bringing their ideas to life. Which is exactly the kind of merriment that I specialize in (for more on my background, check out the Meet Kaitlin page!). For those that reached out and showed interest in planning services from ATBM, I can’t thank you enough! Without you, this expansion would not be possible.

Now, some of you may be asking questions like, “What about the Mentorship Program?” or “Where will the blog go?” Not to worry! Mentorship is still at the heart of my passions, so the Official Mentorship Program, Strategy Session Subscriptions and Power Calls are going no where. As for the blog, I’ve still got you covered with new blog posts on Planning Tips, advice from the Happy Hostess, Spotlight interviews, and much more!

About All the Best Moments

After working for some of the top wedding and event planners in the world for almost a decade, I’ve developed a diverse portfolio of experiences, which enables me to take a very comprehensive and strategic approach to the planning process. In other words, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I know how to produce an event that puts the client and their guests at the forefront. To that effect, I’ve based ATBM’s planning and consulting services on 3 pillars that truly demonstrate what the company is all about.

Luxury Standards for Celebrations of All Calibers

Bespoke event planning services with an eye for the editorial, and luxury standards for every type of celebration, no matter the scope, scale, size or style.

Modern Methodology

A contemporary and efficient approach to the event planning process that streamlines communication and automates tedious tasks.

Planning With Integrity

Flexible, tiered planning and non-conventional consulting services that suit your needs. No ambiguous fee structures, no mark-ups, and no hidden costs. Total price transparency, with your best interest in mind.

Wedding and Event Planning Services

ATBM offers flexible, convenient, and collaborative event planning services, because you shouldn’t have to choose between standard packages that aren’t the right fit for you.

CONSULTING: On an hourly basis, for as much or as little assistance as you need. Request custom blueprints, ask your planning questions, and receive expert insight, recommendations and advice to strategize, troubleshoot, and curate your event.

MILESTONES: It’s the wedding and event planning process, divided into milestones. Tap into our resources and rolodex to receive planning assistance on the topics that matter most to you.

FULL SERVICE: Comprehensive event planning from conception to completion. Experience our most sought after service that elevates your event while simplifying the planning process.


We connect with our wedding clients on a personal level to understand ultimate goals and priorities, and tell their love stories through the lens of meticulously curated and highly personalized weddings.

Click here to learn more, or visit the Contact page to inquire about wedding planning.

All the Best Moments Wedding Planning in New York


Discover our inventive and elevated Event Planning services for dinner parties, holiday gatherings, milestone birthdays and everything in between.

Whether you’re thinking about throwing a big blow out, an intimate dinner, or a special weekend away, we’d love to plan it!

Chic, luxury tablescape in a New York event venue, planned and designed by All the Best Moments


We know how special the smallest of moments can be. It’s when stories are shared, bonds are formed, and memories are made. Which is why we offer planning for those MOMENTS that you want to transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

Discover the different types of MOMENTS that ATBM can help you create, from Picnics, to Private Dining, Romantic Surprises, Glamping, Beach Pop Ups, Proposal Planning and more. Whether it’s a delicious dinner at a coveted chef’s table in the heart of NYC, or a romantic evening at home to surprise the love of your life, we’ll provide the assistance you need to make it happen, so you can stay focused on enjoying the moment.

Tablescape and wedding decor by All the Best Moments, a wedding and event planner in New York


Go ahead, inquire about our flexible, tiered planning and non-conventional consulting services. Experience the convenience of our modern methodology. Immerse yourself in our highly personalized planning process that transforms your vision into an extraordinary event.

Discover the difference of All the Best Moments.

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