My First Podcast!

I first met Doug Winters, founder and host of the Wedding Wisdom Podcast, while I was working at Jennifer Zabinski Events. Doug came into the office one day to interview Jennifer for episode 43 of the podcast, which delved into the details of planning destination weddings and events.

As Doug was leaving, he asked if I knew of any other event professionals that would be a good fit to interview, and I shared a few suggestions. One of which, was Andrea Freeman, an extraordinarily talented planner, professional speaker, and mindfulness business coach. She has since joined Doug’s podcast twice as a guest speaker! Click here to listen to her latest episode.

Letters; My First Podcast Recording with Doug Winters, on the Wedding Wisdom Podcast! Featuring All the Best Moments

Fast forward, to about a year later. I was sitting in my apartment in Manhattan, working feverishly to put the final touches on All the Best Moments before it went live the following week. After months of planning (more on that here) and with the launch right around the corner, I was questioning how the blog would be received when I finally shared it. Despite the time and energy I had already invested, I remember wondering if I should even go forward with publishing it in the first place.

That evening, I received a message on Instagram from Doug Winters. It had been quite some time since we last spoke. He congratulated me on my move to Rafanelli Events, and asked if I was interested in joining him on the podcast as a guest speaker. I haven’t mentioned this to Doug, but in that moment, he gave me the boost of confidence that I needed to overcome my self-doubt, and fear of the unknown.

Doug had shown that he believed in me and my professional journey, before even knowing about my blog. When I responded to his message, I said, “It’s so coincidental that you reached out – I’m launching a blog on Monday…” and he was onboard right away.

Illustrated by Sarah Ditterline

Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel, not only for the opportunities that I’ve been given throughout my career, but also for the people that have been put in my life, which I have learned is always for a reason.

Thank you, Doug Winters, for having me on your podcast to discuss my professional background, the challenges I’ve encountered and the learning curve that’s come with building a website, as well as my journey with All the Best Moments. Most importantly, thank you for believing in me.

Listen to Episode 70 of the Wedding Wisdom Podcast, hosted by Doug Winters, featuring yours truly.