Celebrating Small Wins

Before the pandemic, I think most people would raise their hands to agree that our lives were at their busiest.

I was in the mentality of working hard, trying to perform at my peak, checking off a success and evaluating what I could’ve done better. It’s true, we’re often our own worst critics, and it can be entirely too easy to partake in a culture where better means being more, or doing more.

Our lives look much different today. Some companies may be surpassing previous sales targets as employees find more emails in their inboxes now than ever. Hospital staff, sanitation workers, and delivery providers are operating on overdrive. While others may be waking up each day to start the job search all over again.

Work aside, we are inherently venturing out of the house less than we used to, and yet, we still face a familiar pressure to do more with newfound time. Build the shelving unit you’ve been avoiding, clean out the attic or organize the garage, test out new recipes from books that were collecting dust, exercise more often, just to name a handful of suggestions in articles I’ve read recently.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be productive, and show up as the best versions of ourselves. We all want to set goals that we not only achieve, but that we excel at. Although, if we continuously fuel the cycle of pushing for more, when do we stop to appreciate what we already have?

In the last year, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to celebrate small wins. To take pause and indulge in the moments that I experience joy, pride, or relief. There are too many fleeting moments that move past us at lightning speed as we check off an accomplishment, and forget to revel in the present.

Celebrating small wins doesn’t necessarily mean throw a party (although, I would 10/10 encourage it). It’s the decision to appreciate all experiences, opportunities and successes, and not just give recognition to the bigger, more obvious ones. It’s an invitation to usher joy into your life, stop the cycle that bigger is always better, and to motivate you to keep going in times of trial and triumph.

Allow yourself to practice gratitude, and savor small wins as mini milestones.

Go out for a double scoop of ice cream, treat yourself to an activity you love, or sit outside on a warm day and sip lemonade. The way you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you, but my suggested formula is with good vibes and positive people.