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Gain exclusive access to the All the Best Moments Mentorship Program, designed to help aspiring event professionals succeed in the events industry.

Exclusive Web Series

Watch an information-packed web series that features exclusive, high-level content, specifically designed to inform, inspire and guide aspiring event professionals to succeed in the events industry.

Milestone Workbook

Gain access to a comprehensive milestone workbook full of actionable steps, prompts and templates to propel your career. Couple it with the web series or complete it entirely at your own pace.

Tools of the Trade

Discover must-know tools of the trade. Verse yourself on software that can streamline the planning process, apps that event professionals leverage while on-site at events, and websites that future clients (and employers) will love.

Rave Resources

Tap into all of the resources that I wish I knew sooner. Receive book and podcast recommendations, learn about networking associations, and uncover conferences and trade shows that will keep you on the pulse of the industry.

Mentee Community

Connect with an exclusive community of fellow mentees, to ask questions, and lean on one another for ongoing support.

Strategy Session Call

Receive a forty five minute strategy session call with Kaitlin to create a plan of action that best positions your specific skill sets for success.

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Meet the Mentor

Hi, I’m Kaitlin Donaldson

Throughout my career, I’ve received a lot of inquiries on how to break into the events industry.

Questions have come in from business professionals like recruiters, legal advisors, and accountants, as well as students, past interns, and peers. 

There were always patterns across each conversation. Some wanted to press the reset button and pursue events, but didn’t quite know where to start. Others were trying to advance to the next level in their careers, but were struggling in this competitive field. Many wanted to find opportunities, but weren’t sure where to look. 

During each discussion, I shared the nuances of my own professional journey. I provided insight into the events industry, and recommended resources and tools to best position people for success. But, I always felt there was so much more information to cover, and not enough time to share. 

I developed this mentorship program to bridge the gap. I want to help you succeed in the events industry.

Mentors were crucial to the first few years of my career, and remain a prominent part of my professional life, even to this day. I lean on them as resources, and for the same wisdom and guidance that I hope to offer to you on All the Best Moments.

This Mentorship Program provides access to the same actionable steps that I took to get to where I am today, and opportunities to succeed. It’s not a fast-track to the finish line, it’s an investment in your future.

Take the next step towards reaching your goals, and unlock the All the Best Moments Mentorship Program today. Your journey starts here!

Unlock the Mentorship Program

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“Love working with Kaitlin, for the simple reason, she gets it.

Talented, easy, team builder, and most importantly, clients love her.”

Preston bailey

“Kaitlin was my internship manager and was the best mentor. She genuinely cares about helping you grow, pushes you to be the best you can be and always cheered me on through each achievement. Her passion and experience is evident in her work and I would recommend anyone in the events field learn from her!”


 “I have known Kaitlin for several years. She is a real go getter and passionate about the event industry. Kaitlin is also an excellent networker. I first met her when she was an intern, and I was president of ILEA. From that position, she graduated to working for two of the top wedding planners in New York. Kaitlin is a young lady who will always be successful.”

steve paster, president, alpine creative group

“Kaitlin served as my internship supervisor and later as a mentor while I navigated freelancing and networking within the events industry. She has taught me how to be a useful asset to any event team and is always sharing innovative ways to stay relevant in the industry even in the midst of a pandemic. Kaitlin has consistently made herself available when I have industry-related questions or just need advice on career-building in your 20s.”

meredith barnaby

“We met Kaitlin a few years ago on a FAM trip in Mexico and were immediately impressed by her hustle. Kaitlin has managed to work for some of the top event companies on the East Coast at a very young age – a testament to her work ethic and drive. She is professional, polished, and absolutely joyful.”

Alison Laesser-Keck, event producer & designer, Alison Bryan Destinations

“During her hospitality management studies at Endicott College, Kaitlin was a stellar student and became extremely active in various volunteer organizations and community activities both on and off campus. Kaitlin was elected president of Eta Sigma Delta – our hospitality honor society – by her peers. In her capacity as president, Kaitlin led a team of peers to execute a flawless wine tasting with a silent auction for 350 guests and raised $12,000 for student scholarships. Kaitlin possesses the critical thinking, leadership, analytic, creative, and people skills necessary to deliver flawless events on time, and on budget.”

dr. brendan cronin, dba, associate professor, school of hospitality management, endicott college

“I met Kaitlin while interning for Jennifer Zabinski Events and at the time she was an Event Planner and Executive Assistant. At times is seemed liked she did it all; managing clients, schedules, and article submissions. However, she handled it like a professional. It was great being able to accompany her on site visits, sit in on client meetings and take notes, or have a one on one conversation any time I had questions about the industry. She was always willing to answer any questions I had and gave me the opportunity to have a hands on learning experience.”

courtney anderson elliott

“Kaitlin Donaldson is an exciting and wonderful addition to the events industry. I met Kaitlin last year when our company sponsored a FAM trip to Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya. Kaitlin was thoughtful, engaging, and really added a great millennial perspective to our group.”

Kim westhoff, director of global sales celebrations and special interest groups, belmond

“I had the pleasure of working with Kaitlin during my summer internship with JZ Events. As my superior, I witnessed the passion and ambition she has working in the events industry. Since my first week on the job, she has served as an incredible role model and inspiration to me. Kaitlin is a go-getter and is always uplifting those around her. She serves as a vital asset to any team she joins and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her!” 

anne powers

“I’ve known Kaitlin since she was a Freshman at Endicott College. She has always had a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge. She took advantage of every opportunity to be involved in the events industry and build her network of professionals. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.”

Dr. Linda M. Robson, Associate Professor, School of Hospitality Management, Endicott College

“I had the opportunity to learn from Kaitlin during my internship, where she was my direct supervisor. Kaitlin did more than just provide me with my daily tasks and projects, she gave me direction and even personalized feedback. In addition to her sage advice, Kaitlin’s embodiment of an exceptionally skilled professional served as the greatest example. She had a solution for any and everything that arose and I’m honored to have had her as a mentor and role model that I am still in contact with to this day.”

ludmilla cayard

Unlock the Mentorship Program

Your Journey Starts Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mentorship important?

Check out this TEDx talk on the Science of Mentorship. It explains the power of mentoring, and its full circle impact.

Why do I need a mentor?

As an exercise, can you identify an area in your life that you’re looking for guidance on? Perhaps it’s a professional goal that you’re pursuing, or a personal value that you’re looking to solidify. Either way, the right mentor can help you get there, while shortening the learning curve. If you want to level up and achieve your goals, affirm your values, or take actionable steps toward pursuing your dream career, a mentor can guide you in the right direction.

What should I look for in a mentor?

Look for shared values, mutual interests, skill sets, knowledge and experiences that you can learn from. It can also be beneficial to find a mentor who’s character traits, goals, and priorities align with your beliefs (business or personal).


Your journey starts here.