Strategy Session Subscription

What are Strategy Sessions?

One-on-one, monthly coaching calls with me, Kaitlin. Each session is individualized to the mentee, depending on where you are in your journey.

Why Subscribe?

This subscription is ideal for aspiring event professionals that are looking to foster a meaningful, on-going mentee / mentor relationship, for optimal impact on their careers. I’ll work with you to generate goals and objectives, identify possible obstacles, and determine the most effective ways overcome them. My holistic approach welcomes conversations about competing priorities, work / life balance, and how to approach life’s challenges as you to strive become the best version of yourself professionally.

Subscription Overview

  • Progressive Call Structure
  • Flexible Scheduling System
  • Monthly Mentorship Goals
  • Custom Agendas (You Call the Shots)
  • Mentee-Specific Milestones
  • Actionable Advice
  • Proven Plan of Action & Growth Strategy Development
  • Relatable, Real-World Guidance
  • Question & Answer

Subscribe to Strategy Sessions

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How many months is the Strategy Session Subscription?

It depends on the person! Some of my mentees have spoken with me consistently over the course of several years. Others really only need six to twelve months to shape, define and take actionable steps towards their career goals with my mentorship guidance. If I were to quantify it, I would recommend committing to a 6-month subscription, and reassessing from there. Although, you can opt out at any point.

Can we talk over Zoom instead of over the phone?

Of course! These Strategy Sessions should best benefit YOU! If you’re looking for a face-to-face connection, send me an email and we can most certainly arrange it. By the way, we can switch it up! If you’d prefer to chat over Zoom for our first call, but then anticipate a lot of note taking on the second, we can opt to speak via the phone instead. We can plan this out together in advance of each call.

How often will we speak?

We’ll speak via phone once per month, but we’ll communicate before and after every mentorship meeting.

Can I email you with questions?

I’d prefer if you incorporated any questions into our call agendas, so that we can properly address them.

What if I need urgent career advice?

I’ve been there, and totally get it. I’m happy to extend a last minute call slot at any point in our mentorship relationship with as much advanced notice as you can offer. Send me an email with the subject line: URGENT Mentorship Call, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Do you take calls on weekends?

Unfortunately, no. I’m a big believer in work life balance!

What if we don’t click?

These things happen! We can conclude our mentorship relationship, although I cannot offer any refunds for calls that we’ve already had.