Brittany Lo, Beautini

Brittany Lo, Founder of Beautini

Brittany Lo

Founder & CEO

Beautini (and soon to be Beia!)

IG: @beautini

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About Brittany

Brittany Lo is the CEO and founder behind Beautini. Fostering a passion for beauty since the age of two, the beauty guru founded Beautini, now one of the top bridal beauty companies in NYC that’s been featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, The Knot, BRIDES and many more.

Since launching the fast-growing bridal beauty brand, Brittany has seen thousands of brides walk through her office all in search of a custom beauty experience that’s shaking up the $300 billion wedding industry. Brittany continues to be a go-to bridal expert, regularly tapped by beauty brands and media outlets, as well as her 20k+ fans on social media (@brittany.lo).

What inspired you to create Beautini?

I wrote in my second grade journal that my dream was to have my own beauty company! I went to Babson College to learn how to start a business, turned down a job with L’Oreal and raised funding to build Beautini after graduating undergrad.

In the beginning, I thought we would be more of an on-demand beauty company but quickly realized that I wanted to create a beauty experience that our clients truly cared about. This led me to the niche of weddings and events. Funny enough, I grew up catering weddings on the weekends. Things truly came full circle!

Brittany Lo, Founder of Beautini

What are your predictions for the biggest hair and makeup trends in 2021?

SKIN! Now that our brides have had a year to let their skin breathe and be at home to wear a face mask while WFH and using makeup less, I think that we will still see brides very excited to finally get glammed up, but the glowing skin will be a big focus!

For hair we are seeing the effortless waves with head pieces, or a twist on the traditional half up / half down look.

Searching for hair and makeup artists can be stressful. What are the most important factors to keep in mind while researching different companies?

Every wedding day begins with hair and makeup, which means it’s very important to hire reliable, on time stylists. Ask your other vendors, past brides and your planner (if you have one) about their recommendations, as they will also value high quality and trustworthy talent. See who you connect with that has a similar vibe to the look you are going for!

How do you recommend clients prepare for their hair and makeup trials?

Take time to review inspiration photos that you gravitate towards and embody the look you are going for. Understanding what you like in each picture will give the beauty team some direction.

Additionally, find photos where you like your own hair and makeup, and photos where you hated it. Explaining what you do and don’t like will also help the beauty team understand what will be the best look for you!

Brittany Lo, Founder of Beautini

Are there any staple skin rituals that can give brides a real glow up before their wedding day?

I would say ideally a good facial once a month for 4-6 months leading up to the wedding and finding a skincare regimen that works for you. If you find a great serum, eye cream, face cream and exfoliator about 6 months before the wedding, then you should have glowing skin by the wedding day! Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water the night before!

As a beauty expert, do you ever warn clients about certain products to stay away from right before a major event?

Yes absolutely! There’s an extraordinary amount of pressure to look your best, so some brides are willing to try just about anything. However, I strongly encourage clients to stick to their same skincare regimen, makeup products and colorist when they’re at least 4 months from the wedding. Don’t try any extreme procedures (botox, fillers, lasers) for the first time too close to the big day!

You’ve been sharing some sneak peeks on Instagram about a major project that’s in the works (or should I say, a new business!?). What can you tell us about Beia!?

Ah yes!!! I am soo excited to say that I am launching a beauty wellness brand called Beia in the Spring!

My dream has always been to develop a product line, but I felt like it was important to create Beautini first. I wanted to speak with real women in order to understand what they wanted, and discover where there was white space in the beauty industry. My brides have been the inspiration for the first product we developed, which is a facial hydrating and setting mist. I cannot wait for you to try it!

If you were to leave us with something to think about, what would it be?

For brides and couples who have had to change their wedding plans due to the pandemic, I challenge you to think about your original wedding day and then envision what plan b may look like. I encourage you to find reasons how plan b could be even better than the original (i.e.: less people means a higher floral budget, or more time to spend with family that day). This way, when your wedding day comes, you will still find happiness and excitement all day long!

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