Easter Egg Decorations

Easter egg decorating season is upon us! The bees are buzzing, birds are chirping, and the sun is… well, peeking out behind those April showers. It’s about that time to start stocking up on cartons of eggs, decorating kits and food coloring. BUT, before you go crazy at Target, pump the breaks and gather some inspiration with these Easter egg decoration ideas.

Easter Egg Decorations ft. Sophie Landry

Let it be known, that while I may be an event planner and subsequent fan of all things hosting and entertaining, I am not a very skilled crafter. Which is why I’ve tapped on design expert Sophie Landry, Founder of Egg in Hand, to share Easter egg decorating essentials, design ideas, and DIY tips to help you create a very special Easter celebration.

I first met Sophie Landry while pursuing an internship with Colin Cowie, a luxury wedding and event planner, where Sophie was an Event Designer. Sophie and I have crossed paths many times since, and keep up with the latest and greatest in one another’s lives on Instagram.

A few months ago, Sophie shared a post of her bespoke Pysanky eggs. I couldn’t believe the level of detail involved, and was immediately intrigued! I’m now an avid follower and fan of her account, Egg in Hand. I 10/10 recommend letting these gorgeous beauties grace your timeline.

What is Pysanky, you ask? It’s a Ukrainian Easter egg that celebrates folklore traditional to the Ukrainian culture. What’s even more interesting about Pysanky, is that the designs aren’t actually painted on, but instead inscribed upon the eggs. Mind = blown.

Sophie explained, “Pysanky writing (called “writing” because you literally write on the egg with wax using a tool called a kitska – think a small metal reservoir on the end of a stick that you fill with melted beeswax) is deeply traditional in Eastern Europe and dates back thousands of years.”

I was seriously amazed how someone could create a masterpiece like this on such a delicate object! I don’t know about you, but I grew up dipping eggs into food coloring dye. Those eggs rarely made it out of our family mugs without a crack on them. Sophie, on the other hand, had a different experience that blossomed far past childhood.

“When I was about 8 years old, my family started setting up an egg dyeing table the week before Easter each year. We would invite family and friends over and teach them how to dye eggs in the traditional Ukrainian wax-resist method, called Pysanky. Starting with the lockdown last spring, it became more of a year-round pastime for me.”

Unique Ways to Decorate with Eggs

When I asked Sophie about what she’s doing differently to decorate with eggs, she shared that, “Decorating with eggs can be a lot more versatile than you think. They make excellent place cards, tablescapes, or brightly colored treats; they can be neutral, pastel, bright or even patterned.”

As a planner, I love the idea of utilizing Easter eggs as place cards to elevate a formal dinner table. It feels super chic, playful, edgy and just fun. I’m also inspired by non-traditional approaches to Easter tablescape designs. If eggs can be incorporated into a tablescape in an architectural way, that decor becomes a major focal point.

Naturally, I wanted to know where Sophie finds inspiration for her egg designs.

“My phone is filled with photos of tiled floors and screenshots of color combinations I want to try. Basically anything can be inspiration. If you want to go more traditional in style, there are a lot of resources online that share traditional patterns and symbolism. Instagram is a huge source of inspiration as well – I follow many screen printers and illustrators whose styles are bold and graphic, which lend themselves well to egg dyeing.”

DIY Easter Eggs Tips

Ok, so all of this is wonderful, but actually… how do you make Pysanky eggs?

“The basics are simple – dip your egg in a color, cover what you want to STAY that color with wax, dip it in a new color, wax it again… on and on until your egg is a blackened mess covered in globs of wax. Then, when you melt the wax off, the magic happens. All your bright colors reveal themselves exactly as you first dyed them. Depending how detailed you make things, each egg takes about 3-5 hours to make.”

“For me, especially during the pandemic, each egg is a respite from what is going on around me. The process can be quite meditative, though at times quite frustrating. You are, of course, working with something very fragile, and accidents can happen! However, it’s all worth it when you wipe the wax away and reveal the vibrant colors and patterns beneath,” Sophie shared.

If you want to DIY eggs at home that are more specialty than the average dip-your-egg-in-dyed-water approach, but aren’t yet ready to try Pysanky eggs yourself, Sophie recommends following these steps from FirstPalette to create tie-dye Easter eggs, or these instructions to draw on your eggs and create fun patterns!

Can’t get enough of Sophie Landry’s Pysanky eggs?! View more amazing designs by Egg in Hand.

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The Best Christmas Cocktails

Christmas cocktails are arguably the best cocktails. Alas, mixology is not my strong suit. So I asked an expert for his advice! Yusef Austin, AKA The Cocktail Architect, is a Brooklyn-based beverage genius. His emphasis on seasonal ingredients, quality, creativity, and taste generates sophisticated cocktails with a multi-sensory experience. Craft three of his staple Christmas cocktails at home by following the recipes below.

Merry and Bright

Cheerful with a zing.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Local Gin, Hibiscus Tea Mixer (Dried Hibiscus, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Zest, Crushed Cardamom, Cloves) and 3/4 oz. Meyer Lemon Juice

Garnish: Dehydrated Lemon Wheel

Shake and strain into a martini or coupe glass.

The Best Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

Santa, Baby

Christmas spice classic.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Local Whiskey, 1 oz. Chili Infused Honey, 1 oz. Orange + Lemon Juice Mix

Garnish: Orange Flamed Twist & Sphere Ice Cube

Shake and strain into a double rocks glass.

The Best Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

White Christmas

The perfect dessert cocktail.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Vodka, 1/2 oz. Tonka Bean + Vanilla Bean Mixer/Syrup, 1 oz. Chilled Espresso

Garnish: Whipped Cream, Grated Cinnamon

Shake and strain into a vintage cocktail glass.

The Best Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

A massive thank you to Yusef Austin for sharing these Christmas Cocktail Recipes! To learn more about The Cocktail Architect, click here or click here to learn about his virtual mixology classes.

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Most Loved Websites (for Holiday Decor)

The best websites for holiday home decor, ranging from cheap and cheerful to luxe and lavish.

annie selke

Christmas in color. Holiday decor from Annie Selke is eclectic yet refined, with a big focus on texture (you’ll see a ton of felt, wood and embroidery on this site).

Their Rainbow Trees and this stunning set of Tannenbaum Mod Assorted Trees are my absolute favorite, especially for an entry table or mantle.


Festive napkin rings, timeless dinnerware, and really beautiful serving platters like this Mistletoe Cheese Tray. I love the patterns in the Lastra collection, shown below.

Perigold also carries unique candle holders ranging from floor lanterns, to hurricane glasses, candelabras and candle sticks.

best sites for holiday decor


Pure bliss for the rustic-meets-modern farmhouse enthusiast. Magnolias asymmetric fresh cut garlands carry that quintessential evergreen scent of the season, and make for gorgeous backdrops (how stunning would this be behind a bar cart!?).

Magnolia also carries a variety of decoupage ornaments, and a select range of rustic mid-century modern ornaments.

best sites for holiday decor


Holiday decor with an edge. Terrain carries unconventional accent pieces, ornaments, garlands and trees, that still feel nostalgic and true to the season. Perfect examples? Check out this old world Feather Forest Tree or Miniature Faux Pre-Lit Snowy Tree.

I love the avant-garde approach to their holiday collection. It strikes a balance between sexy and industrial, without sacrificing charm.

best holiday decor

balsam hill

If you’re still in need of a tree, Balsam Hill trees are the way to go. A few years back, I purchased this artificial Cathedral Fir Tree, which came completely pre-lit with simple instructions for assembly. While their trees may be a bit pricier than artificial trees from Target or Home Goods, the quality is definitely worth it.

The holiday decor from Balsam Hill is also top notch. They carry a wide variety of products with classic Christmas designs, ranging from garlands, to stockings, life size figures, accent pieces and much more.

If you liked this post, view more of my go-to’s on the Most Loved Websites Series.

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Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas

Holiday season festivities, but make it COVID friendly.

This post contains affiliate links.

Christmas Tree Tailgate

Gather up a group of your core friends (you know, those folks that you’ve been spending all of quarantine with) and head to a Christmas tree farm with an open parking lot. Some farms are super tailgate friendly, while others will not embrace this idea, so make sure to scout for a solid location before packing up the car. If you’re living on the East Coast, Maple Row Farm in Easton, Connecticut is a great option. Just be sure to arrive no later than 10:30am, because the lot will fill up well before noon on weekends.

Then, delegate your traditional tailgate essentials amongst friends. Here are a few ideas for folks to bring along:

Cornhole – The more festive, the better. This Christmas Tree Cornhole Set is a little pricey, but one of those investments you probably won’t have to make again and can enjoy for years to come.

Cooler – Full of holiday bevi essentials. I like this Sagebrush Green Yeti Cooler, especially for its wine friendly packaging. Pack a bottle of bubbly to make some mimosas with; the perfect pairing for your morning Christmas tree tailgate.

Snacks – Individually packaged options are the best way to stay COVID friendly. Keep it super simple by purchasing a bulk variety snack pack, like this 50-count Ultimate Snacks Care Package from Amazon.

Movie Marathon

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch the staple movies of the season. Every year on Thanksgiving night, my family kicks off the countdown to Christmas by watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We also watch the classics like A Christmas Story and Christmas with the Kranks.

Virtual movie marathons are a great way to safely enjoy the company of friends and family, and create a virtual spin on holiday traditions. If you have a streaming service that offers multi-viewer options like Netflix, Hulu, Disney + or HBO, you can easily plan a holiday movie marathon from multiple locations using Teleparty.

I’m still surprised that not everyone knows about this!

All the Best Moments Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas - Movie Marathon

Download this extension, and follow these steps to set up the application. Then ask everyone to sign into their own individual Netflix accounts. Select a movie, then look for the Teleparty icon. This will sync movie playback across all accounts, and create a group chat feature.

Upgrade everyone’s night in, by sending care packages of classic concession-stand snacks, like Movie Theater Candy or a Variety Pack of Popcorn Seasonings. This pack is the gift that keeps on giving!

Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual wine tastings have been all-the-rage since the start of the pandemic, but they’re especially convenient for this time of year. They offer a chance to gather with a group of friends, couples or neighbors, and celebrate the joy of the season without risking an in-person get together.

All the Best Moments Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas - Virtual Wine Tasting

There’s tons of virtual wine tasting options to choose from, ranging from free classes (try Coursera’s Course by UC Davis), to just $10 per person (try Corkbuzz), up to $250 (try Matthiasson) and more. The price depends on a few factors:

Exclusivity: If the tasting is limited to your private group of friends, or open to anyone who signs up.

Inclusions: If the tasting includes a bottle of wine, two bottles of wine, or none at all. Some wineries will ship the wine directly to your doorstep, right on time for the tasting, while others will ask that you go out and purchase them on your own.

Vineyard: If the tasting is hosted by a top-end winery, their classes will tend to be more expensive.

All the Best Moments Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas - Virtual Wine Tasting

If you choose a virtual tasting from a winery that doesn’t include any bottles of bubbly, try sourcing wine from Drizly. Order liquor, beer, wine and hard seltzers from the website, or download the application to your phone, and have the drinks delivered directly to you.

Pro-Tip: To easily elevate the experience, research which cheeses pair well with the variety of wine on the menu, and curate a cheeseboard to enjoy during the tasting.

Prop your laptop up at the dining table, bring along the wine and cheeseboard, and raise a glass to this special tasting experience!

All the Best Moments Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas - Virtual Wine Tasting

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Holiday Card Mailing List Template

Ah, holiday card season – AKA – just about the only time of year when my mailbox consists of more than just bills, magazines and spam. I love the timeless tradition of sending holiday cards, and in 2020, I figured the more holiday cheer I could send, the better. So, I multiplied my mailing list about fifteen times over, and created a template to build my first official holiday card list from scratch.

The Struggle

After graduating college, I decided to start sending holiday cards to old roommates and friends that I couldn’t see in person as often as I would’ve liked to. I’ve always loved handwritten notes, so I picked up some blank holiday cards from Papyrus and wrote out each note myself.

There were only about twenty households on my list, but it still took at least three or four hours to write, stuff/stamp/seal and mail those cards.

I took pictures of each envelope before mailing them, so that I could find my makeshift list of recipients and addresses the following year. I’m not too proud of this methodology, but hey, we all have our own systems that we try to make work, right?

How to Create the Best Holiday Card Mailing List

The Template

This year, I decided to do things a bit differently.

After working with so many clients to generate mailing lists for wedding and event invitations, I drafted a template in Google Sheets that I knew would be accepted by most stationers, with little to no adjustments needed.

This template is super easy to use. It creates one central location to keep your mailing list organized, but it serves other functions as well.

All the Best Moments Free Address List Template

The manual entry may seem daunting, but once you grab a cup of coffee and starting building your list, it becomes super turnkey. Here’s why:

– “Title” column can be used for professional titles, degrees or salutations like Mrs. or Mr.

– Separate cells for the first and last name allows you to easily locate people on your list and make updates.

– The “List” column is your own personal safety net to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone! Assign a category to each entry, like Family, Friends, Work, Neighbors, etc. This way, you can always use Google Sheet’s “sort by” function to identify anyone that’s missing from one of your groups!

– The “Email” column simplifies your life for next year. All you’ll need to do is copy & paste the column into an email, or an address app like Postable, to keep your list fully up to date.

– “Status” gives you a location to write whether an entry is complete, or missing information (like a new address for a friend that’s about to move).

Free Address List Template

The Stationer

Once you’ve found a stationer to work with, ask for their mailing list template, and do a quick compare & contrast. I always remove the “List,” “Email,” and “Status” columns, which are used for my own organizational purposes, not to be printed on the envelope.

Before signing off on the final product, ask to see a digital proof of the addresses, so that you can run through the formatting with a fine tooth comb, and ensure all of the information is correct.

The Post Office

Once you’ve received your holiday cards (YIPEE!) take one card and envelope to the post office to have it weighed before purchasing stamps, to make sure you buy the correct postage value.

Then you can assemble those holiday cards, and head back to the post office with all of your holiday cheer in tow.

For domestic mailing in the United States, request that your cards are mailed as “flats” using the First Class Mail Flat rate, not as “letters.” Also request that the cards are hand canceled, instead machine handling, which can damage the envelopes.

Download the free template below!

All the Best Moments Christmas Mailing List Template Free

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