Valentine’s Day 2021 Ideas

If you’re searching for some low-key things to do at home this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. I too have been looking for unique ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2021 special, without needing to leave the house. The good news is, I’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to celebrate love, that don’t require dining outdoors, travel or too much effort. AKA – Valentine’s Day, the quarantine edition.

Breakfast in Bed

Luckily for us, Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday, which means that no one needs to be anywhere in a hurry. Take your time getting out of bed, and start the day off with your SO’s favorite breakfast in bed.

Or, cook up everything under the sun and create an abundant breakfast spread with a short stack of pancakes, fruit, eggs, avocado toast, turkey bacon, and mimosas.

While you’re cooking, ask your significant other to search for a new show, or that movie that you’ve been wanting to watch. The best part is, you can get back into bed once the cooking is done, and relax together with this simple but special twist on your typical morning routine.

Valentine's Day 2021 Ideas, breakfast in bed

Comedy Club for Two

One of my favorite NYC experiences (back when COVID wasn’t a thing), was attending comedy shows. The communal experience of boisterous laughing and carefree energy was tangible. 2020 was undoubtably a crazy year, and we could all use the wave of positivity that follows a much needed laugh. While comedy clubs might be closed, all it takes is a little time and resourcefulness to recreate this experience at home.

Chat amongst yourselves, and zone in on a standup comedy act that the two of you have never seen before. Queue it up on Netflix, Hulu, or your go-to streaming platform. Dress up a bit; I’m not saying to throw on a dress or suit, but put a bit of going-out vibes into your outfit. Trust me, dressing the part can go a long way!

Dim the lights, and add a subtle ambience to your space. Visit the website of your favorite comedy club, and browse their menu for meal inspiration. Once you land on something you like, see if you can recreate the dish at home, or find a restaurant that offers the dish and order take out. Let loose, and enjoy a few cocktails.

Channel that positive and fun loving aura you exude right before a comedian takes the stage. Then hit play on your standup special, sit back, relax, and enjoy your dinner and a show!

Wine & Dessert Pairings

You might be thinking, why not wine and cheese? Don’t let me hold you back from that classic pairing, but let’s get a little more adventurous, shall we?

Wine and dessert pairings are such an indulgent tasting experience. Think: flourless chocolate torte with a glass of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, classic white cake with Moscato, or homemade cheesecake with a glass of Riesling. Or, prepare a sampling of petit fours, pastries like cream puffs and eclairs, and assorted chocolate truffles with various wines. It would be an idyllic night cap to your Valentine’s Day at home.

Valentine's Day 2021 ideas, wine and dessert pairing

If you happen to be an iconic baker, show off your skills and prepare these desserts a day beforehand, so that you can relax and enjoy the company of your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Though, there’s no pressure to bake homemade desserts. Skip this step by venturing to your local bakery for your favorite baked goods, or order dessert for delivery.

Indoor Campfire

This is one of the coziest Valentine’s Day ideas on my list. If you’ve been rocking the sweatpants and a hoodie look ever since March, and have zero plans to change that, then an indoor campfire may be the best choice for you and your SO this Valentine’s Day.

Find a comfortable, warm and relaxing spot in your home. Family rooms work well, but so do reading nooks, studies, or any other quaint spaces in your house or apartment. You don’t need to have a fireplace, but if you do, this Valentine’s Day theme certainly lends itself to that location! If you don’t have a fireplace, you have a few options…

Option 1

Gather a bunch of pillar candles and some newspaper. Place the candles on top of the newspaper in a cluster, about an inch apart from one another. I’d recommend placing this arrangement about 6-inches or a foot away from a wall, to avoid tripping over it and causing a potential disaster 🙂 It’s a very romantic aesthetic, but cheap and easy to do!

Option 2

Stay with me here, search online for the Sterno S’mores Heat 2-Pack, which is specifically designed to burn bio-derived ethanol fuel and it’s composed of non-toxic ingredients. This will give you an open flame that’s safe to use for roasting marshmallows, without generating harmful emissions.

Option 3

Purchase an indoor s’mores roaster. This is the most expensive option, with miniature personal fireplaces retailing between $95-$425, but that’s the cost of instant ambiance.

One might ask, “What’s the plan for this indoor campfire?” This cozy Valentine’s Day excursion is exactly like it sounds. Prepare some cheese and chocolate fondue (check out my 101 Dinner Party Themes Guide for the full run down of toppings), S’mores, and storytelling. Grab some blankets, get comfortable, and snuggle up together by your own indoor campfire.

Fancy Dinner x Takeout

This is your quintessential Valentine’s Day experience, but pandemic style. Think: insanely gorgeous tablescape, floral arrangements in abundance, several bottles of bubbly, and a candlelit dinner brought to you by Seamless, Uber Eats, DoorDash, or whatever food delivery service you fancy.

Dress up in an outfit that makes you feel your best (now’s the time to break out that fancier attire). Need some inspiration? Check out this TikTok with a step by step voiceover on how to create a romantic candlelit dinner at home.

Valentine's Day 2021 ideas, romantic candlelit dinner

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Galentine’s Day Brunch

Ladies, let’s chat brunch. How many group chats have you been a part of where brunch is mentioned like clockwork? You plan a weekend getaway – Brunch. You’re hosting after a big night out – Brunch. You need an excuse to order a pitcher of champagne with a splash of orange juice and pair it with some Belgian waffles? The answer, ladies, is brunch. So, while I was brainstorming about what to do #forthegirls this Valentine’s Day, I knew right away that brunch was the move. Here’s a list of everything that you need to host a killer Galentine’s Day brunch in celebration of the amazing ladies in your life. Plus, some ideas from the Galentine’s Day brunch that I planned at home!

Color Scheme

Color scheme is super important to the look and feel of your home. It’s also a major factor to keep in mind when transforming your space into a Galentine’s Day brunch aesthetic.

When I think of Galentine’s Day, I’m here for shades of pink, but I find that red can read very serious, romantic, and bold. Even though it’s the predominant color in a Valentine’s Day palette, I tried to lean away from incorporating reds into my Galentine’s Day brunch, and instead, I used it minimally as a secondary accent color.

Exploring other colors, less traditional to Valentine’s Day, can suggest a brighter, more cheerful and feminine ambience. Hues of pink, shades of purple, and champagne tones like glossy golds and coppers embody a chic and joyful vibe. It also makes for an inviting and warm atmosphere, which is why I chose this color scheme to create my Galentine’s Day Brunch.

Remember that this brunch is your version of Galentine’s Day, and you know your group best! Don’t be afraid to mix in other non-traditional Valentine’s Day colors. Your friends are sure to appreciate your own unique spin and color interpretation of the holiday.


Is it even Valentine’s Day if flowers aren’t involved? These are a no-brainer for your Galentine’s Day brunch decor. But, just because we love flower arrangements in abundance, doesn’t mean that we want to spend a lot to get that high impact look of overflowing floral. There’s a ton of local florists out there, as well as bodegas and farmers’ markets that carry gorgeous bundles of flowers.

My recommendation, is to buy a handful of assorted bouquets from one of those locations (I worked with Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses) that vary in type of flower and color. Once you’re home, spread out all of the flowers across a wide surface, and create your own whimsical and organic shaped arrangements.

If you have bud vases on hand (which typically hold between one to five stems), consider using these in clusters to create a heavily concentrated row of floral arrangements. These look très chic without requiring too many stems. A singular row of bud vases compliments a narrow surface, like a mantle, entry table, or shelf. If you don’t have bud vases, you can recreate the same effect by repurposing highball water glasses or short round glasses (think: rocks or double old fashioned).

Aside from flowers, consider incorporating some festive balloons in your Galentine’s Day decor. I purchased heart and star shaped balloons as well as XO balloon letters. If you can get your hands on those cute lip shaped balloons, they would look awesome too.

Add depth to the balloons by requesting various hues of a certain color. Then, choose one or two balloons that you want to pop against the rest (I chose these XO letters). Purchase those balloons in a metallic color to create a contrasting effect that draws the eye in.

Your Galentine’s Day brunch decor is almost complete between the flowers and balloons. Next, source a few other finishing touches to really pull the look together. Anything thematic, like heart shaped dishes, miniature glass heart paperweights or lip shaped sprinkles can go a long way!

Waffle Bar

I love a food installation that doubles as an activity. It gives your guests something to do, and tends to be a big talking point that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Waffles are my go-to order at brunch (chicken and waffles if I’m feeling fancy), but you can use just about any brunch dish as the focal point of your DIY bar. Here a few other options to consider: omelet bar, açaí bowl bar, avocado toast bar, the list goes on!

Now, back to my waffle bar. A couple years back, I purchased this white miniature waffle maker from Urban Outfitters, which made its official debut at this Galentine’s Day brunch. I kept the toppings minimal with four main ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and chocolate chips. The ingredients were served out of these heart shaped dishes that I placed next to the waffles.

I also offered maple syrup, Nutella and whipped cream that were served from their original jars. Guests made their own mini waffles, added their favorite ingredients, and topped it off with something sweet. Again, this is super easy to do and really low maintenance, given that each guest does the cooking themselves!

If you want to take this one step further, double the ingredients to include other options like peaches, honey, caramel syrup, or strawberry jam. Create some simple signage (using a chalkboard or card stock) that lists different waffle recipes. Think: s’mores waffle, peaches and honey waffle, ice cream and chopped nuts waffle… the options are seriously endless.

The final component of my waffle bar featured assorted truffles, heart shaped chocolate lollipops, and chocolate caramel pretzels from Hudson Valley Chocolates (which were insanely delicious that I 10/10 recommend). Some guests chose to eat these alongside their waffle creations, while others enjoyed the chocolates as dessert. This special touch elevated the look and feel of the waffle bar, by bringing in a luxe element that also gave a nod to traditional Valentine’s Day sweets.


Keep this category sweet and simple by offering classic breakfast beverages like water, coffee and tea, as well as boozy brunch classics like Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Bellinis, or Sangria (if that’s your groups thing).

If you want to jazz it up, scoop up some mini bottles of rosé and matching straws for folks to drink straight out of their own bottle. These also double as great props for Instagram-able moments.

If you’re feeling really festive, create a mimosa bar and invite your guests to enjoy mixing and muddling ingredients like pineapple, watermelon or strawberries for a fresh take on a traditional mimosa. Offer these flavors in fresh squeezed juices as well as whole pieces of fruit to use as garnishes.


Despite the fact that I’m type-A and usually want to plan out every last detail of an event, this type of gathering is different. Celebrating Galentine’s Day lends itself to having great conversations, reminiscing and catching up on the latest and greatest.

If you’re looking for a scandalous spin on those conversations, check out For the Girls. Fair warning, this is a drinking game, which some would say is pretty fitting for a boozy brunch but its contents are definitely not for everyone. Think: truth or dare, never have I ever, and rapid fire questions.

Dollar Signs

Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to plan! All of these ideas can be toned down or built up, depending on how many guests you plan to entertain and the vibe that you’re after. Take a look at this TikTok of my Galentine’s Day Brunch, which showcases everything I’ve shared in this blog post. To give you an honest glimpse at pricing, here’s what I spent:

Flowers: Compliments of Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses (but I typically budget between $10-25+ per bundle of 12 stems)

Balloons: XO letters, two heart shaped and two star shaped from Party City: $35

Waffle Mix, Fruit, Mini Cupcakes, Orange Juice, Whipped Cream, Nutella, Syrup: $64

Champagne & Mini Bottles of Rosé: $83

Chocolates: Compliments of Hudson Valley Chocolates (but I typically budget $20 for 16 pieces)

Decorative Items (Heart Dishes, Glass Hearts, Paper Plates, Napkins, To-Go Coffee Cups, Place Cards): $0 (repurpose whatever you can from home!)


I hope this post gives you all of the details that you need to plan your own Galentine’s Day at home! This brunch is such a simple yet special way to spend Valentine’s Day and celebrate the friends in your life.

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Most Loved Websites (for Valentine’s Day)

The Most Loved Websites Series lands among my favorite blog topics to write about. It’s essentially a brain dump of staple sites that I bookmark, frequent, and purchase from time and time again, because they’re just that good! Next up in this series, are my top website recommendations for all-things Valentine’s Day. Well, except for floral (shameless plug for NY Florists to Support this Valentine’s Day). What you will find in this roundup of Most Loved Websites (for Valentine’s Day) are chocolatiers, silky pajama sets, CBD sweets, and loads of other goodies.

Hudson Valley Chocolates

Bespoke, wholesome, and decadent chocolates (need I say more?). Hudson Valley Chocolates makes all of their truffles, chocolates, buttery caramels and confections by hand using the highest quality of ingredients that never include any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

My personal favorites are their chocolate covered strawberries (try them in dark, milk and white chocolate!), their chocolate dipped Oreos (I’m sensing a pattern here), and their truffles.

I ordered all of my chocolate desserts from Hudson Valley Chocolates for my 25th Birthday Bash. They were hands down some of the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted. An absolute must-try this Valentine’s Day!


If you’re a fan of bubble baths and oil-based massage candles, Maude is the store for you. It’s a forward thinking brand that’s founded on principals of inclusivity and simplicity. Their emphasis on modern design and quality, fuss-free products has attracted rave reviews from Vogue, GQ, InStyle, Refinery29 and tons more.

What I’m trying to say, is that Maude is easy to love, and their products are beyond ideal to help you create an effortlessly romantic evening this Valentine’s Day.

Stick With Me Sweets

I never knew that I could love bonbons as much as I do, until I tried Stick With Me Sweets. Literally, where do I start? The words chic, magical, and #aesthetic come to mind.

Based in lower Manhattan, Stick With Me Sweets is a premiere chocolatier whose specialty is hand-shelled bonbons that take three full days to create before they’re packaged up into cheerful little storybook boxes, shown below. If you’re gifting their bonbons this Valentine’s Day, recipients may think they’re receiving an actual book, because that’s how realistic the exterior of the box looks (except much more enchanting and whimsical). Their smallest storybook box comes with 6 bonbons, and is priced at $25.

PS: Stick With Me Sweets carries more than just bon bons, so if you’re a truffle, caramel or general confections fan, you’re in luck.


Couples and singles alike; let’s chat breakfast in bed. This is a total vibe for Valentine’s Day – just those three words sound super indulgent. While it may seem simple, it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of a Sunday, and coincidentally, Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday, so you know it’s the right move.

If you’re planning this sweet moment for yourself or for bae, turn to Summersalt for silky pajamas that will elevate your breakie in bed. The Cloud 9 Pajama Set looks like a literal dream, unless the Cloud 9 Boyfriend Sleep Shirt is more your style. Slip into something silky to treat yourself or your SO this Valentine’s Day.


Two words: CBD caramels. And they’re d e l i c i o u s.

Mello is everything you’ve ever wanted out of your caramel, and more. It’s non-GMO, kosher, gluten free and all natural. I love this for Valentine’s Day because it’s such a fresh take on traditional candy, plus the added perk of becoming, well, Mello(w). Each individually wrapped caramel contains 15mg of active CBD, and you can get a box of 20 for only $50. Thank me later!

If you liked this post, view more of my go-to’s on the Most Loved Websites Series.

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New York Florists to Support this Valentine’s Day

I’d like to preface this post by saying that if you’re not in New York, this one (sadly) might not be for you. Another preface… I have a LOT of local florists on my favorites list, ranging from boujee boutiques, to mom & pop shops, to Brooklyn-based floral wonderlands. And while I’d love to list every single one of them, we would be here all day. So, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of New York based florists, each with their own unique style. If you plan to buy your significant other a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, shop these local gems and help support small businesses!

Stems Brooklyn

Organic shaped bouquets with a true Brooklyn feel. Stems Brooklyn carries wildflower arrangements in mason jars, flower crowns, and sweet little plants that are potted in stone vessels. Their floral arrangement style is artistic, cheerful, bright, and airy, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Stems Brooklyn is perfect for the person with a sense of whimsy that embraces a mid century modern vibe. I’m obsessed with this Brass Love Arrangement for Valentine’s Day, as well as their Hand Tied Bouquets.

New York Florist, Stems Brooklyn, to Support this Valentine's Day

Rosehip Social

I used to pass by Rosehip Social each Sunday while running errands. I’d wander into the store aimlessly, and walk around the rustic wooden table in the center of the quaint space to admire the latest arrangements on display. I remember the hanging vines, small soil spills, and overgrown plants… it was a quintessential kid-in-a-candy-store experience.

While the original shop in Brooklyn is under renovation, Rosehip Social is temporarily based in Ridgewood. Their florals are stylish and chic with an eclectic, yet timeless, twist. They carry vibrant stems in bud vases, dried lavender and bunny tail grass, and striking arrangements like this Five Dozen Rose Bouquet; an absolutely breathtaking gift for Valentine’s Day.

New York Florist, Rosehip Social, to Support this Valentine's Day

Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses

If you’re located outside of Manhattan in the suburbs of Westchester, Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses is a local gem based in Yorktown Heights along Route 202. Their family owned operation has been in business for over sixty years, with a focus on local weddings, house floral, and holiday arrangements. Fun fact, this is where my family goes to buy our flower arrangements each Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Freyer’s bouquets embody a classic and traditional style that feels both timeless and romantic. They offer tiered pricing options to build upon the size of each bouquet, ranging from Standard, to Deluxe, and Premium. Their Long Stemmed Red Roses are a must for Valentine’s Day. Though, I also love this Say Something Sweet bouquet of two dozen ballet pink roses. Mainly because of how elevated, feminine and luxe it looks, but also because pink is my favorite color!

New York Florist, Freyer's, to Support this Valentine's Day

Designs by Ahn

Designs by Ahn is a NYC based florist that’s located on 5th Avenue and East 28th Street. The owner, Victoria Ahn, was a professionally trained ballet dancer, and her experience is embedded into the unique design approach she takes with her floral arrangements.

While they all have a lush and luxurious appearance, Designs by Ahn offers quite a wide range of bouquets. Some are more rustic and organic, while others have a super chic and modern style. One of my personal favorites is Jubilee (I know, you’re probably so surprised), but I also find this Arabesque arrangement to be insanely beautiful, with just the right balance of edge and grace.

New York Florist, Flowers by Ahn, to Support this Valentine's Day


If someone asked me to describe Ovando in 3 words, they’d be modern, dynamic and elegant. Ovando is a bit more widely available; servicing Manhattan and Southhampton, as well as Palm Beach & Miami. The owner, Sandra de Ovando, is a seasoned traveler that brings an exotic flare to her ultra-luxe arrangements.

If you’re looking for the perfect Orchid, search no further (some would even say these are Ovando’s specialty). This Romantic Orchid is an exquisite and striking arrangement to make a statement this Valentine’s Day.

New York Florist, Ovando, to Support this Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other can prove to be quite the challenge. Either your boyfriend or girlfriend already has everything, they don’t drop hints, or (let’s get real) you’ve run out of options for him or her. I’ve always loved turning to Valentine’s Day Gift Guides to help me brainstorm creative and unique gift ideas. This guide will help take the guessing game out of gifting! Simply follow the list below to discover which Valentine’s Day gift is best for your sweetheart.

This post contains affiliate links.

For the Jetsetter

If you’re planning a getaway together, or if your significant other travels often, this Mini Duffle is a dream weekender bag that comes in beige or black. It has four interior zip pockets, a side pocket and laptop sleeve, so it’s perfect for someone that’s always on the go – $98.

Want to make it a set? Pair it with this Carry All Tote – $78.

Is your SO’s style more sophisticated and adventurous? Try this Logan Overnight – $598.

Pair it with this Logan Travel Case that keeps toiletries organized while traveling, and at home. Or just snatch that travel case up, it stands out on its own – $178.

For the Knowledge Craver

If your SO has mentioned wanting to develop a new skillset, level up at work, or find another quarantine hobby, it’s almost guaranteed that Masterclass offers a course for them. There’s over 100 classes in 9 categories, and new classes are added every month.

With class categories like Sports and Gaming, Food, Business, Music, Home & Lifestyle, Writing, and Wellness, they’re bound to find a topic (or several) of interest. Are you ready for the best part? Masterclass is only $15 per month.

For the Earring Junkie

This simple and chic Earring Ladder comes in Rose Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Brass, and holds up to 12 pairs of earrings – $90.

If your significant other is equally as into bracelets, the matching T-Bar Jewelry Stand is the perfect pairing – $85. 

For the Gamer

This subscription service is a gamers paradise, and the gift that keeps on giving. Rent new and used video games for PS5, XBOX Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX Series One (and more) with a subscription to GameFly. There’s thousands of game options to choose from; your SO can search by Most Popular, Used Bestsellers, Coming Soon and New Releases.

Rush shipping is free, there’s no late fees on returns, and they can swap games anytime. Your SO can also keep the games they love with an awesome discount. Plus GameFly subscribers get early sale access and coupon rewards. Subscriptions start at $15.95 per month.

Signup for GameFly today to get the latest PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games!

For the Trend Watcher

Hoop earrings have made a comeback, and I’m here for it. These Jack Huggie Earrings come in Vintage Gold, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver – $48.

For the Skincare Obsessed

If you hear the phrase “skincare routine” on a daily basis, this Luxe Skincare Fridge is the gift for your SO – $150.

Bonus points to the gift giver that packs this fridge with mini products, like this Jewel Box Kit with three different best selling skincare treatments from Sunday Riley – $36. It will leave them feeling überpampered.

For the Sunglass Stealer

Two birds… one stone. Take your sunglasses back by gifting your sunglass stealing SO their own pair. You can’t go wrong with a timeless style, like these Classic Aviators or Black Aviators by Ray Ban – both $154.

For the Crossbody Queen

This black leather Belay Mini Saddle Crossbody Bag with gold hardware by Zac Posen is super chic and edgy, yet still so classic. Bae can dress this up or down with other accessories, and since it’s black, it will compliment basically any attire – $295.

For… “Your Wallet Is Falling Apart”

We’ve all been there. Upgrade your SO’s wallet to something actually usable, that you know will last far past its purchase date. Try the Royce Personalized Men’s Trifold With Double ID Wallet that comes in black or cocoa. Add a special touch to this sleek leather wallet by personalizing it with your SO’s initials – $89.99.

For the Shoe Collector

Timberlands, but make it fashion. If your man talks about Chelsea boots but hasn’t treated himself, this is your moment to shine. Frye carries these leather Bowery Lace Up Boots, which are currently on sale for $249. They’re lightweight yet durable, and ideal for Fall and Winter.

For the Runner

Thinking shoes, but more along the lines of sporty spice?

The new Reebok Nano X1’s are dropping in two different colors on February 3rd, right in time for Valentine’s Day. Don’t want to wait? Try the Nano X Shoes that are designed for “functional fitness” with 6 color varieties – $130.

These Allbirds Women’s Tree Dashers are everything. It’s their “most technical shoe yet,” made from natural materials and engineered for high performance. Choose from 12 colors to find the best match (Blizzard is my personal favorite) – $125.

For the Couple

When life inherently gets busy, as it tends to do, it can be difficult to brainstorm ways to spend quality time together. Remove the step of planning out date night, by gifting yourselves some well deserved wine delivered to your doorstep each month, every other month, or even quarterly.

Join the California Wine Club, and subscribe to one of their membership levels, starting with their Premier Series at $41.95 per month for two bottles of wine. You can choose whether those two bottles are white, red, or a mix of both. They partner with small, family owned wineries, which is how you know you’ll be drinking the good stuff.

I love the idea of eagerly anticipating this surprise. Imagine setting aside one night each month to cook a meal together that compliments the wines you’ll indulge in? It’s about the experience, which is why I really appreciate this gift in particular.

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Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

Expert mixologist Yusef Austin, AKA The Cocktail Architect, graced us once with three fabulous cocktail recipes (check out The Best Christmas Cocktails), and you liked it so much that we had to bring him back for more. Indulge in these three cocktail recipes designed to delight your senses this Valentine’s Day. Hopeless romantics, lovebirds and cocktail connoisseurs, this one’s for you.

Sweet Nothings

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Gin, 1 oz. Fig Jam, 1/2 oz. Black Pepper + Star Anise Enhancer, 3/4 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

Garnish: Edible Flower

Add ice to your cocktail shaker, shake and double strain into a coupe glass.

Illustrated by Sarah Ditterline

Tall, Dark and Handsome

The perfect night cap.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Tequila Blanco Infused with Saffron Threads, 1 oz. Chilled Espresso, 1 oz. Dark Chocolate Enhancer, Pinch of Sea Salt

Garnish: Shaved Chocolate

Add ice to your cocktail shaker, shake and strain into a martini glass.

Illustrated by Sarah Ditterline


Cupid’s Cocktail.

Ingredients: 2 oz. Bourbon, 1 oz. Fresh Apple Juice, 1/2 oz. Fresh Ginger Juice, 3/4 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice, 1/2 oz. Szechuan Pepper Enhancer

Garnish: Dehydrated Lemon Wheel

Add ice to your cocktail shaker, shake and strain into a rocks glass.

Illustrated by Sarah Ditterline

Thank you Yusef Austin for sharing these Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes! To learn more about The Cocktail Architect, click here or click here to learn about his virtual mixology classes.

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