101 Dinner Party Themes

You read that title correctly! This is the long awaited reveal of 101 Dinner Party Themes, with a FREE downloadable guide that you can save for future festivities. What I love about this guide, is that it encompasses both classic and non-traditional themes, for a fresh take on entertaining at home. Discover unique dinner party themes for adults that are sophisticated, edgy, whimsical, trendy, and even nostalgic. Not sure what I mean? Think: Coachella, Modern Minimalist, Bridgerton, Brooklyn Backyard, Summer Camp, or Dîner en Blanc. This guide is packed with ideas, descriptions and even photos to help paint a picture of the possibilities for each dinner theme. Get the guide now, or keep reading to reveal how the 101 Dinner Party Themes guide came to life.


The Best Dinner Party Themes

I love hosting dinner parties. I’ll be the first to throw my hand in the air and extend an invitation to practically anyone that wants to come over for a meal. Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, you name it.

When I’m preparing to host, no matter the size, style or formality of the gathering, I search on Pinterest and Google for theme suggestions first before starting to plan anything else. I won’t even think about the invitations, menu, or decor before I settle on a theme.

I’d like to think of myself as a very thorough planner. I’m Type A, anal retentive, organized, and extremely particular about event production… perhaps that’s why my planning clients are usually very happy 🙃

Dinner Party Themes

But in the past, when it came time to explore theme options for upcoming dinner parties, even my extensive research habits couldn’t escape the same basic themes that were littered across every website.

If you’ve ever researched “best dinner party themes” or even “unique dinner party themes,” you know exactly what I mean. I’m talking about Alice in Wonderland, Masquerade, Luau… need I list more?

The worst part is, all of the articles that I was drawn to had descriptions like, “10 dinner party themes to impress your guests,” and then proceeded to share the same themes I found everywhere else!

How can a host impress their guests with a theme that’s been done over and over again?

Rose Drinks, 101 Dinner Party Themes

Say Goodbye to Boring Dinner Parties

As a host, we want our dinner parties to feel fresh and original.

We want our guests to walk into our home and pause to take a look around, feel the warmth of the environment we created, and walk away remembering how gracious we were to have planned such a special and memorable gathering.

We want them to enjoy a delicious meal over a beautifully set table that fosters great conversations, sparks boisterous laughs, and inspires our guests to linger for one more slice of cake or an after dinner drink.

Picnic, 101 Dinner Party Themes

As an event planner, dinner party enthusiast, and general happy hostess, I decided to take it upon myself to find a way to say goodbye to boring dinner parties. NO MORE overplayed themes that lend to predictable menu items and stale decor.

After all, we want to ACTUALLY impress our guests, and give them the gift of great entertaining.

101 Dinner Party Themes Picnic

Queue: 101 Dinner Party Themes

I searched high and low, across mixed media, hundreds of Pinterest pins, and dozens of online articles, to weed through the all of the common themes that came my way. I dug deep, and started an excel spreadsheet full of theme ideas.

It started small, with one, two, three themes that felt new, exciting, foreign and adventurous.

Then it grew to four, five, six themes that were a twist on the classics, with a fresh approach.

Seven, eight, nine themes evoked my imagination, were completely unique, and pushed the boundaries of my spreadsheet.


Dinner party theme ideas all went up from there, with romantic themes, effortless themes, trendy themes, Netflix-inspired themes, and other themes that made my heart skip a beat.

I also added fun dinner party themes that were inspired by specific seasons, like Après Ski for the Winter months, Rosé All Day for Summer, Oktoberfest which is quintessentially Fall, and Spring in the Garden for… well, Spring.

Before I knew it, there were one hundred and one dinner party themes in my spreadsheet, just waiting to hit publish.

But, I’m a little extra 😏


It’s the Vibe for Me

When I plan anything; a wedding, milestone birthday party, or backyard summer soirée, I like to set the mood. Ok, not the mood, but a mood. What I’m trying to say, is it’s all about the vibe for me.

Atmosphere is everything, so the vibe of a dinner party (or any event, really) is of the utmost importance.

Which is why I’ve included between 3 – 10 ideas below each theme to help you bring the concept to life. I’ve also incorporated a curated selection of imagery for all 101 themes, to help you envision what the finished product might look like.

Dinner Party Themes, Avocado

I know what you’re thinking… 101 Dinner Party Themes is A LOT of pages to scroll through. But like I said, I’m all about the vibe. So once you scroll past the cover page, the first thing you’ll see is a table of contents, with direct hyperlinks to each theme in the guide.

Lastly, I know the struggle of setting the right tone for your dinner party through music. Click the Spotify icon on the first page of the guide to access the All the Best Moments Spotify account, which is in the process of being populated with a playlist for each dinner party theme in the guide!

Find playlists for themes like New York, New York, Spring Equinox, and Tequila & Taco Tasting ready to use now, with a minimum of 3 hours of music each.

You could say I’ve put a lot of love into this thing!

Dinner Party Themes, Tacos

What Are You Waiting For?

At this time, I’d like to extend a personal invitation for you to get the guide. Download 101 Dinner Party Themes, filter through your favorites, and watch your next dinner party flourish with great food, great times, and great vibes.

Did I mention it’s free?

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