Bridgerton Inspired Wedding

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Wedding season is upon us, and thus, it is with great joy that this author unveils the secrets you seek to create a Bridgerton inspired wedding. Daphne and the Duke’s marriage was certainly the talk of the social season. Fear not, for I have the ear of their sought after planner who has revealed to me exactly how they impressed the Queen. Prepare to indulge in the details of their nuptials…..Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.

You Are Cordially Invited to a Bridgerton Ball

A grand castle on a green lawn.

The Venue

The Duke and Daphne approve of a grand ballroom reception.

Ballrooms, orchestra quartets, blue pastels, and candlelit dinners… that’s the name of the game to create a Bridgerton inspired wedding. The Regency period in which Bridgerton takes place offers a lot of inspiration that can be incorporated into a modern day wedding.

To really capture the essence of the Regency period, book a venue that has a grand ballroom or a luscious, overgrown garden. Gold gilded chandeliers, crown molding, opulent light fixtures and crystal accents are most suited for a group such as this.

Picture it! Cocktail hour in the garden followed by reception in the ballroom. A real dream come true. ✨

A gold ballroom covered in gold architecture and paintings.

The Decor & Accents 

Whether your reception is in a grand ballroom or romantic garden, these decor items will make your wedding look like a Bridgerton fantasy.

Consider satin table linens to elevate the look of the dining tables. Pair taper candles (live flame or battery operated) with colorful, dainty flowers. Peonies, English Garden Roses, Cabbage Rose and other full bodied florals will create an elegant and whimsical design, in true Bridgerton fashion.

If you’re having cocktail hour in a garden, add arches wrapped with Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine (a gorgeous purple flower) to mimic the atheistic of Bridgerton.

Flower vines hanging in a garden.

For your stationery, use an elegant font like Great Vibes or the font used for the Bridgerton logo, which is Leaner Bold. The invitations could include a quote from Bridgerton (perhaps a nod to the infamous letters written by Lady Whistledown). Close the envelope with a wax seal for a timeless and bespoke look.

To achieve the Bridgerton background music (you know, the music that makes you stop and think “how do I know this song?!”) hire ceremony and cocktail hour musicians that can cover popular songs with a classic twist, like the show does. Achieve this sound by opting for an instrumental ensemble, without a vocalist.

Songs like “Wildest Dreams,” “Thank You, Next,” and “Bad Guy” will sound absolutely beautiful performed by a string quartet. This is the perfect way to BRIDGE music from the Regency period in a modern way.

A dimly lit room, with large gold chandeliers.

The Dress

Daphne and the ladies of Bridgerton wear empire waist dresses for all special occasions.

The empire waist wedding dress is elegant, feminine, and very regal. The dress style doesn’t cling to your body (which is great, especially for a wedding in the warmer months), and accentuates the upper half of your body, giving you more length.

There’s a reason this style of dress has stayed prevalent throughout the years – it’s absolutely stunning, charming, and ethereal.

A kindle with the book Bridgerton pulled up, sitting on top of a journal, glasses, and eucalyptus.

Make sure to stay tuned for season 2 coming out in March!

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