Champagne Tower

If you’re obsessed with that modern meets classic vibe, then having a champagne tower is the perfect accent for your wedding! Champagne towers are not only beautiful to look at, but they also present themselves as an amazing photo opportunity. Champagne towers can be easy and inexpensive to create with the tips below ✨

Champagne glasses stacked in a tower

Use coupe glasses to build your tower (regular champagne glasses are too narrow!). They can be found all over the internet. Ali Express has acrylic ones that are really cheap and cheerful (find the link below). Prior to your wedding day ask your wedding planner and/or venue if they can assemble the glasses for you.

On your wedding day pour champagne all over the tower to complete the look! When it’s time to toast and celebrate, have two glasses ready to go for you and your fiancé. Have someone fill the glasses around the tower and distribute them to guests. Backup glasses can also be filled in the kitchen and waitstaff can pass them to your guests for a lovely toast!

🥂 🥂 🥂