Hosting Essentials

Think of this blog post as a beginner’s guide to entertaining; it shares must-have items that every host will need (and want!) when hosting a party at home. If you’re shopping for any of these pieces for the first time, keep in mind that the more versatile, the better. These hosting essentials will see a lot of love for years to come, so you’ll want to invest in items that are both timeless and durable. Follow this checklist for the supplies you’ll want handy for future festivities!

Checklist of Hosting Essentials

Serving Boards

think: agate trays, wooden boards, marble slabs
Hosting essentials: serving boards

Vessels for Fresh Flowers

think: various sizes of glass, ceramic or stone
Hosting essentials: vessels

Unscented Candles

think: tapers, votives, tea lights
Hosting essentials: unscented candles

Nice Serving Utensils

think: cheese knives, serving spoons, mini tongs
Hosting essentials: serving utensils

Champagne Bucket

think: stainless steel, antique brass, acrylic
Hosting essentials: champagne bucket

Drink Dispensers

think: double dispensers, dispenser stands… guests love easy access to batch cocktails or fruit infused water
fruit infused ice in glass

Bar Tools

think: cocktail shaker, muddler, strainer
Hosting essentials: bar tools

Linen Napkins

think: eco-friendly, reusable, elegant
linen napkins


think: red, white, champagne, water
Hosting essentials: stemware


think: five piece set, butter knives, steak knives
Hosting essentials: flatware


think: charger, dinner plate, side plate, salad plate, dessert plate

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