My Favorite Apartment Decorations

I’d like to issue a fair warning, that all of the items you’re about to see are from WestElm, Pottery Barn or CB2. Despite doing a lot of research to find home decor, I somehow always manage to come back to these three stores for interior design ideas. I’m obsessed and have no shame! There are rare occasions when I’m on the hunt for very specific apartment decorations, and end up purchasing from a site that’s off the beaten path (at least for me). If you’re interested in seeing those, check out my other blog post, Most Loved Websites (for Interiors). Otherwise, buckle up and dive into my favorite apartment decorations!

Pierced Constellation Tealights

These celestial tealight candles light up my room like magic, especially when I light them after the sun goes down. They wash the walls with dancing orbs of warm yellows and amber hues, which simply put, brings something special to my space.

Tealight candle with small holes in it for the light to shine through, apartment decoration

I move the tealight candles around depending on what’s going on that week. They compliment flowers nicely on the dinner table, but personally I prefer to line them up on my shelves or on the media console. The ambiance they give off feels more relaxed when these cheerful vessels are balanced out against a heavier material like wood or metal.

I also have the large and small Pierced Constellation Hurricanes from WestElm. If you like these, they come in blush as well!

Larger candle holders with small holes on the sides for the light to shine through

Pleated Grey Ottoman

I had my eye on this piece for over a year before I finally decided to pull trig and get it. Needless to say, I absolutely adore this pleated grey ottoman from CB2. It’s my foot rest, seat to put my shoes on and stool to reach high shelves (I probably shouldn’t, but I do anyway 😬).

Sadly, this version is no longer available, but CB2 does offer a similar Pleated Boucle Ottoman in a cozy textured cream color.

Image result for cb2 pleated grey ottoman

Metal Frame Round Mirror

There she is! What is it about antique brass against mirror that makes me feel so regal ?!

I’m HERE for it… like, this isn’t the only antique brass framed mirror that I own. Yes, it’s from WestElm, and if you like it then you’re in luck. This Metal Frame Round Mirror comes in three other colors: antique bronze, rose gold and brushed nickel. You can choose between two sizes: 30″ round or 48″ round. If you want a rustic, mid century modern touch, WestElm also sells this with a faux leather strap to hang the mirror from.

metal framed round mirror apartment decoration

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

In another life, I’m sure I had a green thumb. Fresh flowers are my thing, but plants, sadly, are not. I bounce around too much and wouldn’t be able to properly care for a living plant. Which is why this Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Pottery Barn is the perfect companion. It brings a pop of realistic greenery to my space, without requiring routine watering or repotting.

If you don’t have a green thumb, or simply don’t have the time for a real plant, give these faux fiddles a try. You can choose from two heights; 5.4′ or 6.9′ depending on what size best suits your space.

There are only two caveats. These do require a pot, unless you like the burlap look. You will also need to fluff out the leaves when your fiddle first arrives, but that’s the only care this plant will need.

Marble Shelves

These Marble Wall Mounted Shelves from CB2 bring me so much joy. I have three that are grouped together vertically. Since each slab of Carrara-style marble is unique, they all look subtly distinct from one another. I love these shelves for displaying coffee cups and cascading greenery, which is a striking contrast against these grey/white beauties.

I can’t recommend these shelves enough for an aesthetically pleasing storage solution. But beware, they’re kind of a pain to mount. The marble and brass combination is very heavy. Installation definitely requires two people to safely secure these shelves to the wall.

Did you like this blog post? Let me know! If you want to take a look at those less widely known sites for other home decor finds, don’t forget to check out my Most Loved Websites (for Interiors).

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