New York Florists to Support this Valentine’s Day

I’d like to preface this post by saying that if you’re not in New York, this one (sadly) might not be for you. Another preface… I have a LOT of local florists on my favorites list, ranging from boujee boutiques, to mom & pop shops, to Brooklyn-based floral wonderlands. And while I’d love to list every single one of them, we would be here all day. So, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of New York based florists, each with their own unique style. If you plan to buy your significant other a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, shop these local gems and help support small businesses!

Stems Brooklyn

Organic shaped bouquets with a true Brooklyn feel. Stems Brooklyn carries wildflower arrangements in mason jars, flower crowns, and sweet little plants that are potted in stone vessels. Their floral arrangement style is artistic, cheerful, bright, and airy, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Stems Brooklyn is perfect for the person with a sense of whimsy that embraces a mid century modern vibe. I’m obsessed with this Brass Love Arrangement for Valentine’s Day, as well as their Hand Tied Bouquets.

New York Florist, Stems Brooklyn, to Support this Valentine's Day

Rosehip Social

I used to pass by Rosehip Social each Sunday while running errands. I’d wander into the store aimlessly, and walk around the rustic wooden table in the center of the quaint space to admire the latest arrangements on display. I remember the hanging vines, small soil spills, and overgrown plants… it was a quintessential kid-in-a-candy-store experience.

While the original shop in Brooklyn is under renovation, Rosehip Social is temporarily based in Ridgewood. Their florals are stylish and chic with an eclectic, yet timeless, twist. They carry vibrant stems in bud vases, dried lavender and bunny tail grass, and striking arrangements like this Five Dozen Rose Bouquet; an absolutely breathtaking gift for Valentine’s Day.

New York Florist, Rosehip Social, to Support this Valentine's Day

Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses

If you’re located outside of Manhattan in the suburbs of Westchester, Freyer’s Florist & Greenhouses is a local gem based in Yorktown Heights along Route 202. Their family owned operation has been in business for over sixty years, with a focus on local weddings, house floral, and holiday arrangements. Fun fact, this is where my family goes to buy our flower arrangements each Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Freyer’s bouquets embody a classic and traditional style that feels both timeless and romantic. They offer tiered pricing options to build upon the size of each bouquet, ranging from Standard, to Deluxe, and Premium. Their Long Stemmed Red Roses are a must for Valentine’s Day. Though, I also love this Say Something Sweet bouquet of two dozen ballet pink roses. Mainly because of how elevated, feminine and luxe it looks, but also because pink is my favorite color!

New York Florist, Freyer's, to Support this Valentine's Day

Designs by Ahn

Designs by Ahn is a NYC based florist that’s located on 5th Avenue and East 28th Street. The owner, Victoria Ahn, was a professionally trained ballet dancer, and her experience is embedded into the unique design approach she takes with her floral arrangements.

While they all have a lush and luxurious appearance, Designs by Ahn offers quite a wide range of bouquets. Some are more rustic and organic, while others have a super chic and modern style. One of my personal favorites is Jubilee (I know, you’re probably so surprised), but I also find this Arabesque arrangement to be insanely beautiful, with just the right balance of edge and grace.

New York Florist, Flowers by Ahn, to Support this Valentine's Day


If someone asked me to describe Ovando in 3 words, they’d be modern, dynamic and elegant. Ovando is a bit more widely available; servicing Manhattan and Southhampton, as well as Palm Beach & Miami. The owner, Sandra de Ovando, is a seasoned traveler that brings an exotic flare to her ultra-luxe arrangements.

If you’re looking for the perfect Orchid, search no further (some would even say these are Ovando’s specialty). This Romantic Orchid is an exquisite and striking arrangement to make a statement this Valentine’s Day.

New York Florist, Ovando, to Support this Valentine's Day

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