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Valentine’s Day 2021 Ideas

If you’re searching for some low-key things to do at home this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. I too have been looking for unique ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2021 special, without needing to leave the house. The good news is, I’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to celebrate love, that don’t require dining […]

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Ladies, let’s chat brunch. How many group chats have you been a part of where brunch is mentioned like clockwork? You plan a weekend getaway – Brunch. You’re hosting after a big night out – Brunch. You need an excuse to order a pitcher of champagne with a splash of orange juice and pair it […]

Most Loved Websites (for Valentine’s Day)

The Most Loved Websites Series lands among my favorite blog topics to write about. It’s essentially a brain dump of staple sites that I bookmark, frequent, and purchase from time and time again, because they’re just that good! Next up in this series, are my top website recommendations for all-things Valentine’s Day. Well, except for […]

New York Florists to Support this Valentine’s Day

I’d like to preface this post by saying that if you’re not in New York, this one (sadly) might not be for you. Another preface… I have a LOT of local florists on my favorites list, ranging from boujee boutiques, to mom & pop shops, to Brooklyn-based floral wonderlands. And while I’d love to list […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other can prove to be quite the challenge. Either your boyfriend or girlfriend already has everything, they don’t drop hints, or (let’s get real) you’ve run out of options for him or her. I’ve always loved turning to Valentine’s Day Gift Guides to help me brainstorm […]

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

Expert mixologist Yusef Austin, AKA The Cocktail Architect, graced us once with three fabulous cocktail recipes (check out The Best Christmas Cocktails), and you liked it so much that we had to bring him back for more. Indulge in these three cocktail recipes designed to delight your senses this Valentine’s Day. Hopeless romantics, lovebirds and […]

Twenty Fifth Birthday Bash

Twenty four was one of my most challenging years yet. A lot changed for me both personally and professionally, but it gave me the chance to make changes in my life that I’m so grateful for. My twenty fifth birthday bash was a celebration of those changes, and the strong group of women who supported and […]

How-To: Make A Self Serve Bar

When gatherings at home feel too intimate for a bartender, self serve bars are the name of the game. They’re an ideal option for guests to help themselves to their beverage of choice, without overwhelming the host with drink orders. Follow these steps on how-to make a self serve bar that’s just as aesthetically pleasing […]

What Happens to Flowers After an Event?

What happens to flowers after an event? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get. But, it’s often posed at the end of an event, when the floral or design team is ready to start breaking down. There’s quite a range of possibilities for how the flowers are handled, that are best to […]

Most Loved Websites (for Weddings)

Whether you’re searching for a theme, color scheme, venue, event partner, creative way to display escort cards, F&B presentation style, or a dose of inspiration, these resources have got you covered. Keep reading to discover some of my Most Loved Websites for Weddings. harper’s bazaar Head over to Harper’s Bazaar, click the dropdown bar on […]

Vintage Stamps, A Love Letter

Vintage stamps have their own story to tell. They always make me stop and look before opening a piece of mail. Why Vintage? Vintage stamps have an aged and antique appearance, which can add a sense of character and whimsy to an envelope. These historically unique and artistically unexpected touches can elevate an invitation suite, […]

Inventory Lists

Inventory lists aren’t the sexiest topic in event planning, but these documents are essential, and a massive safety net to ensure all of your ducks are in a row. So You’ve Placed an Order, Now What? Once Event Goals are defined, the Event Deck is underway and your first order is placed, it’s time to […]

Surprise and Delight

When you think of Disney World, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the delight of being totally immersed in an experience as characters in costume and fairytale cottages surround you. Or, perhaps it’s discovering moments of surprise, like a greeting from Prince Charming while dining in Cinderella’s Castle. To a child, what these moments have […]

Event Planning 101

There’s a running list in my mind of gatherings I’d love to host. Pizza tastings, thematic holiday parties, Shark Week celebrations (my annual guilty pleasure brought to you by Discovery Channel)… the list goes on. Regardless of what kind of celebration it is, these common denominators play a pivotal role in the early stages of […]

All About Dossiers

Representing the theme, color scheme, and scale of an event, these hyper-curated documents provide guests with an amazing reference guide to plan the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Dossiers are lookbooks, used for attire purposes, that inspire guests to dress in accordance with an event theme. They’re typically presented on an event website, or […]

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